The best that can be in your interior
The best that can be in your interior

Thermoelectric wine cooler Koolatron WC12DZ Dual Zone

Are thermoelectric wine coolers any good?

The efficient and reliable 12-bottle Koolatron luxury thermoelectric wine cooler will be an elegant decoration for any kitchen area. Workspace or condominium with enough capacity for two complete wine areas.

Thermoelectric wine cooler
Wine cooler Koolatron WC12DZ Dual Zone

Fine wines require special storage conditions, but a wine cellar is not always close at hand. A worthy replacement for it in urban conditions will be a  wine cooler, which provides optimal humidity and storage temperature for expensive wine collections. The wine minibar does not require much space. The built-in wine cabinet can be easily integrated into the kitchen set, perfectly fit into any interior.

Individually controlled temperature level areas offer a suitable climate for your red, white, as well as sparkling wines. Also, the exterior control board lets you watch and change the temperature without unlocking it.

Modern technology meets design in this stylish wine cooler

This small thermoelectric wine cooler unites performance and style with a mirrored glass door that shields UV rays. Soft interior lights and a detachable cake rack allow you to customize how to showcase your collection.

Thermoelectric wine cooler
Wine cooler

Thermoelectric technology

The Koolatron Twin Area 12 bottle unit allows you to store up to 6 bottles of red wine in the upper area at 54-66 ° F( 12-18 ° C ). Also as many as 6 bottles of white or sparkling wine in the lower zone at 46-55 ° F( 8-12 ° C). Advanced thermoelectric technology cools effectively without sound or vibrations. Maintain a constant temperature for the white wine so that it is ready to drink.

Why get a committed thermoelectric wine cooler?

Experts advise saving red wines at higher temperature levels than your regular fridge gives, specifically for lasting storage space. Temperature level variations can trigger both the wine and the cork to increase and agree, allowing oxygen to permeate right into the bottle and spoil your red wine. Maintaining wine in a climate-controlled setting slows that maturing procedure dramatically. Preserving the top quality, color, aroma, and flavor of your red wine.

Tips for obtaining one of the most out of your white wine colder

Ensure you are a glass of wine colder is established far from heat-producing appliances and also out of direct sunshine

Allow 2 inches of space between the unit’s side and the wall, four inches between the back of the company and the wall for air blood circulation, and make sure the fan is not obstructed.

For superior taste, professionals suggest maintaining red wine at 55-65 ° F( 12-19 ° C), white wine at 48-54 ° F( 9-12 ° C )and champagne at 45-47 ° F (7-8 ° C).

Wine temperature
Cooling tips for wines

Body material

The finishing materials of the thermoelectric wine cooler, such as wood, metal, tinted glass, fulfill an aesthetic function and have a practical value. For the manufacture of Koolatron 12-bottle wine cabinets, only environmentally friendly raw materials are used, which do not affect the quality of the wine. On the contrary, it maintains its taste and aroma properties.

Thermoelectric wine cooler Koolatron WC12DZ compact enough and budget option for storing 12 bottles of wine; the cost of such a wine cooler is about 200 $.

Technical DetailsInformation
Item Weight 30.2 pounds
Item Dimensions LxWxH10 x 20 x 26 inches
Door HingesRight
Capacity33 Liters
Annual Energy Consumption235 Kilowatt Hours
Refrigerator Fresh Food Capacity33 Liters
Installation TypeFree-standing; Counter Top
Wattage110 watts
DefrostManual Defrost
Shelf Type4 Removable Shelves

Koolatron Urban Series 12-bottle  Wine Cellar


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