Are there rules for storing Prosecco champagne wines at home?

How to store sparkling wines?

Prosecco champagne
Prosecco champagne

Prosecco champagne and sparkling wines are a delicate matter. Sometimes we keep them for an exceptional occasion, and sometimes we want to arrange a special evening here and now, but the whole bottle turns out to be a lot. In both cases, you can’t do without life hacks from the pros.

There is no consensus here in any controversial case, and the correct answer lies somewhere in the middle. But the stopper is worth getting.

There are already well-defined rules for storing still wines. And most professionals and amateurs agree that the ideal bottle position is horizontal. Thus, the cork is moistened and does not dry out, and the wine itself will not “port,” “vinegar,” and not excessively oxidized. Another important thing is the absence of direct sunlight, vibrations, vibration, and third-party odors, especially of chemical origin. Ideal when the temperature is constant (optimal 12-14 ° C for all wines).

What’s the best way to store Prosecco champagne horizontally or vertically?

Wine control
Wine cork control

If we are talking about sparkling or Prosecco champagne wines, then this is where the discussion begins: what is the best way to store wine that contains carbon dioxide? Sparkling wine and champagne are primarily wine, and on the one hand, they must horizontally. On the other hand, carbon dioxide has a strong effect on the wooden cork, and over a long period, it can “dry” it, and the wine is oxidized.

Therefore, there is an eternal dispute between specialists – horizontally or vertically? Prosecco champagne will last much longer in manufacturers’ cellars than in our home wine cabinets. It is desirable to maintain a dynamic storage state – when the bottles periodically change their position. But this only applies to the bottles that we bought, not those in the companies’ basements. That is, conditionally two years, the bottles lay in a horizontal position, then for a year or two, you put them vertically. It turns out that the cork is first wetted in this way and then dries up a little.

Naturally, no one in the Prosecco champagne cellars walks around and turns over their multimillion-dollar reserves. They already have enough of the remuage process when each bottle is twisted for several weeks and changes its position relative to the sediment. Therefore, one of these tips will come in handy at home. More often than not, of course, no one bothers that much: most people store their champagne and sparkling wine bottles horizontally anyway.

Storage of Prosecco champagne  sparkling wines

Wine Vault
Wine Vault

Storage conditions are the utmost desire to imitate the ideal cellar. And this is, first of all, the constancy of temperature. There is always a constant temperature and humidity in the champagne cellars, regardless of weather conditions. There is continuous humidity, direct sunlight does not penetrate there, and there are no extra aromas. The longer the Prosecco champagne wine is stored, the more comfortable these conditions should be.

If you want to preserve the new labels, then you need to think about wrapping them, for example, in cling film or some analogs. Will not damage the brand – it will not be eaten by moisture or any inhabitants of your cellar.

Don’t touch the Prosecco champagne bottles all the time. Collectors love to probe everything they have and periodically observe how they age some particular bottle called “my darling.” Don’t drag them back and forth. You can take a picture once at the time of laying in the cellar and then not take them out into the sunlight, even for all your friends and guests. If wine improved from the number of views, we would have changed the concept of storage and the attitude to wine in collections long ago.

How long should sparkling wines be stored?

Here you need to understand what bottles of Prosecco champagne you have in your collection. What do you know about the peculiarity of the vintage, the grape variety, and the specific manufacturer? Does he create “LPs” or make wines that are pretty short in their potential, including champagne. What and how much to leave is a topic for a separate lecture: sometimes, there are often bottles that, unfortunately, have long passed the peak of use. Having opened them, it is no longer possible to experience pleasure, elation, delight, expression – none of this will be there anymore.

Remember that you can overexpose excellent bottles of perfect wine that could once please you.

How and how long can you store an open bottle of Prosecco champagne sparkling wine?

Wine cooler drinks
Store wine in a wine refrigerator

Open champagne does not need to be stored. I always say that champagne is a drink that does not require a reason. It is itself a reason. If you have opened a bottle of champagne, I don’t know what needs to happen so that you don’t overpower it. Unless it will be a 15 or 25-liter bottle, which you cannot drink so quickly, and the required number of tasters is not available nearby.

Calm wine and Prosecco champagne, which can be kept open for a long time, is not worth it. Drink it right away! If you understand that you can’t drink a whole bottle, start a small box of 375 ml bottles at home or buy yourself a Coravin for still wines. For champagne, however, such a home storage system for sparkling wine probably does not yet exist. Therefore, I will not tell you a proven option that helps to “preserve” freshness.

The maximum for home conditions is an ordinary stopper, with which you can close the bottle so that carbonation does not come out. For a couple of days, she can stand like that. It will turn out to come up and drink a glass. But there are unique professional storage systems that pump carbon dioxide instead of pumped out and poured wine in restaurants. Accordingly, no degassing of champagne occurs, and the drink will retain its freshness, tone, sparklingness even after several weeks.

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